Canal Crazy in Connecticut
October 26, 2017
Benedict Arnold: A Traitor Among us
November 16, 2017

Here’s a list of the stories on the “For Students” tab. Click on the chapter heading to go to that chapter.

Chapter 1: Geography

Connecticut Rocks!
Hill-Stead’s Mastodon Discovery
The Weston Meteorite
Let’s Explore the McLean Game Refuge

The Connecticut River
Building Dams for Water & Electricity

Chapter 2: First Peoples

Uncas, the Mohegan Tribe, & the Founding of Norwich
The Pequot War
The Mohegan Tribe & the New Nation
Mushroom Hunting
Medicine Woman Gladys Tantaquidgeon

Chapter 3: Quinnetukut Becomes Connecticut

Settling Connecticut
Daily Life in a Colonial Town
The Amistad Captives: Freedom on Trial

Chapter 4: Cities and Towns

Connecticut Cities: By the Numbers
My Town:
North Haven

Chapter 5: Notable Connecticans

Benedict Arnold: A Traitor Among Us
Charles Goodyear Makes a Discovery!
Patriot Ethan Allen
Medicine Woman Gladys Tantaquidgeon
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Baseball Hall of Fame Jeff Bagwell
John Brown and the Road to the Civil War
The Long Journey of Joseph Cinque
Nurse Pioneer Martha Minerva Franklin
State Hero Nathan Hale
Tom Thumb
Venture Smith’s Remarkable Lige
Walter J. “Doc” Hurley

Chapter 6: Wars & Disasters

The Pequot War
Revolutionary War
a. Benedict Arnold: A Traitor Among Us
b. Patriot Ethan Allen
Civil War
John Brown and the Road to the Civil War

Connecticut Responds to 9/11
Catastrophe on the Connecticut River
Tragedy on the Tracks
Waterbury’s on Fire!
Hartford Circus Fire
Hurricanes Connie & Diane/Flood of 1955

Chapter 7: Our Economy

Jobs Then & Now
Child Labor: Working as a Newsie–with an Inquiry Kit
Slavery in Connecticut: Venture Smith–with an Inquiry Kit
The Whaling Industry
Writer Harriet Beecher Stowe
Baseball Hall of Fame Writer Claire Smith
Nurse Pioneer Martha Minerva Franklin

Connecticut Invents!
Charles Goodyear and the Invention of Vulcanized Rubby
Pepperidge Farm
Mounds & Almond Joy Candy Bars
Inventing the WIFFLE Ball

Moving Across Connecticut
Connecticut’s International Airport
Taking the Stagecoach
Canal Crazy in Connecticut

Chapter 8: Let’s Go!

Let’s Explore
Let’s Explored the McLean Game Refuge

Let’s Play
Connecticut’s Year in the NFL
Hartford Yard Goats Trivia
Baseball Hall of Famer Jeff Bagwell
Baseball Hall of Fame Writer Claire Smith
Coach Walter J. “Doc” Hurley

Let’s Learn
Educated in One Room–with an Inquiry Kit 

Chapter 9: Fun Facts

The State Animal: The Sperm Whale
Connecticut State Seal
Legend of the Charter Oak

Inquiry Kits

Are children better prepared for adulthood by working or by going to school? (LINK)
What does it mean to be free? (LINK)